Countrywide Mediation offer the added benefit of evening and Saturday mediation service offering our clients the ultimate service.

Why our Family mediation service Ashford is the best. Every. Single. Time.

Family mediation Ashford is a priority to us:

We understand that at this point, all that is desired is a peace of mind. Managing a schedule, showing up to work every day, sorting through a divorce. These are difficult challenges separately and even more difficult when combined. Though it may mean arriving at a mutually beneficial decision, the proceedings need not be difficult. It is, therefore, our duty to provide our clients with outstanding support and services.

Timing and burn-out convenience:

We provide evening and weekend appointments to compliment you, your work and family’s schedules. Our desire to provide you with the service you have paid for and deserved goes beyond the nine-to-five. Our mission is to assist at your convenience. We want to make the most progress for you. In this regard, we take the discussions and decisions made very seriously. If work or life’s other engagements get in the way of your appointments, we provide evening appointmentsAshford that can easily be scheduled. However, if you feel you are showing up instead of participating, if you feel that your weekday has taken so much out of you that you no longer have the bandwidth or capacity to continue, we provide weekend appointments as well.

Accessibility when duty calls:

We consider that you may have intense work schedules that have “rest days” and “down time” spent with kids, or family. Inversely, some work commitments may require one or both of the members of the family to be out of state or town. To amend for this, we provide teleconference or skype mediationAshford. As long as the call is in the same country, we will easily be able to give quality service, provided we have an investment of your time and attention. Being physically present, although preferable, does not need to be necessary if circumstances do not allow it.

We will spend our energies and efforts to you and your needs:

Our bottom line is that we are sympathetic, impartial and confidential. Our aim is not to be a step in your family’s journey. We aim to be part of your family, to deeply and sincerely understand your concerns as you understand them. To tailor to your needs in the most productive and synergistic manner. To create environments where differences provide opportunities. To walk a line that is a blend of seemingly different opinions. To form terms and agreements that leave the family content and clear on where their needs are, as parts and as a whole.


We accommodate clients across the United Kingdom in its entirety. Our size and scale of reach only mean we do our job and do it well. A testament to our ability to deliver customer-based service at its optimum level. Operating on a country-wide scale also does not mean difficulty in booking appointments. Fast appointments can be obtained within a short time of getting into contact with us. We aspire to cater to our customer’s needs. We book appointments most convenient for all parties involved. Our service Ashford caters to the needs of customers, working during evenings and week days. Most importantly though is our mediation service is cost effective. Help us, help you.

  • Reaching an understanding with the parents – The first thing the grandparents can do, and one that is the most desirable option, is to reach an understanding with the parents. Not only will this ensure that an amicable relationship is maintained with the children, but it will also make things hassle free for everyone.
  • Contacting a solicitor Ashford – If for some unfortunate reason you are not able to build any contact with the parents, or if an agreement cannot be reached, then a family law solicitor should be contacted. This is because a law solicitor will be able to provide you with useful advice and appropriate options which would be okay with both you and the parents.
  • Family mediation Ashford – Finally, whenever possible you should always opt for family mediation. Whenever talks fail, mediation becomes extremely useful in helping reach an understanding. Basically, in mediation what happens is that a mediator or a moderator, who is neutral, meets with the parents and grandparents separately at first in order to evaluate whether or not mediation is going to help this case. If the case is fit for mediation, then everyone is made to attend a joint session. The main purpose of mediation is to help the parties reach and understanding that is suitable for everyone.

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